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Playlists galore!!

Billy Tuggle at the Saginaw Slam — click picture for whole featured set!

So, we finally got around to uploading most of the videos from May and some leftover videos from April.  You might notice that Carlina Duan’s featured set and Jeff Vande Zande’s featured set are still missing.  Our videographer (ahem!) sort of messed those up so we’re working on editing those.  We’re also working on getting videos from Rustbelt up for y’all — so stay tuned!! More viewing pleasure is in your near future.  In the meantime, check out Tuggle’s & Mattison’s featured sets and our May 3rd & May 17th shows:

Brett Tafel offering up his soulful, “Santa Barbara” at Saginaw Slam 5/17 — Click the picture for a playlist of the whole night!

You might notice how ridiculously loud y’all were while poets were trying to do their thing on 5/17, Saginaw.  Maybe it was the beer fest that was going on at the same time, maybe it was the heat — whatever the reason, measures will be taken next season to avoid this kind of disrespect to our poets.  We’re going to make the space more intimate and we won’t be afraid to hush y’all up when we have to.  If you’re not there for the poetry, take your drink next door — and if you are there for the poetry, then show some love and hush your mouth when a poet’s on stage.  Geesh!

Trever Bennett Slamming the Mic at Saginaw Slam 5/3
Click the picture for a playlist of the whole night!

Ami Mattison at the Saginaw Slam — click the picture to see the whole fetaured set

And just for good measure, you might want to go back and check out the April 12th playlist to see that we finally added the sacrifice and Round 2 of that night.

Sacrifice Poet, Jeremy Benson! Click on the pic to get the whole playlist for the night!

If you are a faithful follower of the Saginaw Slam, our deepest heartfelt thanks go out to you!! keep coming back!  And keep checking in!  For Poetry! For Saginaw!!


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