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What Happened with Nationals?? A letter from your Slam Master.

Listen up:  I’m going to tell this story one time. 

Our dedicated fans & Saginaw community pulled together to register us for the National Poetry Slam in the 11th hour.  THANK YOU!!! We registered & started making plans to go then 2 things happened:

1 — we didn’t have any rules in place for how we would pull the team together and do fundraising (we do this year!) so there was a lot of confusion about who was paying for the trip & how…

& 2 — PSi (Poetry Slam Inc.) did not communicate our registration to National Poetry Slam in time to get us on the roster of teams.  So… by the time the bouts were decided for Charlotte, we were not a part of them.  This is a complicated part — if you want some clarification, grab me at an upcoming show and we’ll talk. 

So, we didn’t end up going to Nationals at the end of our first season.  On the other hand, we may have learned that Nationals shouldn’t have been our goal in the first place.  We learned a lot that first season.  Did we do some great shows?  Does Saginaw have a Slam?  Do we have a thriving community of excited poets ready to rock the Mic on any given 1st or 3rd Thursday of the month? Hell yes we do!!  So, there is nothing to regret about that first season!  Not the way I see it.  But everything we learned from last years season will carry over into this, our second, season & you can rest assured that Saginaw Slam will be running a tighter ship & even better shows for y’all. 

Officially, I write all the blogs but I’m reaching out specifically in this post to say, Stay with us Saginaw & Poets & Friends — because Saginaw Slam is only getting started — this is only the beginning!! 

For Poetry!! For Saginaw!!

Love, JodiAnn


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