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November 15th — Second Show of Second Season!!

Hey All You Poetry Lovers!!

First, let’s congratulate ourselves for a beautiful first night to a beautiful second season of the Saginaw Slam!!  Thank you John Karpuk for being an amazing host! Thank you Trever Bennett for working your butt off and taking expert footage of the whole evening!  Thank you Beth Detloff for finding judges and generally keeping us on track!  Thank you Saginaw Slam 2012-2013 team members Charles “Floet” Townsel, Theresa Marshall and Kelly “Native Child” Mays (all the way from Westland) for showing up and giving us GREAT poetry, as always!!  Thank you to all our poets — including Trever, John & Beth — who showed your love for the word!!  Thank you audience members for showing your love for the poets and for Saginaw!!  October 18th y’all came out (well… those of you who were not watching baseball or afraid of the rain, came out) to what proved to be probably our best show yet!!

We got all kinds of cozy at Woody’s, enjoying the free pizza, maybe a drink or two, and the ridiculously amazing poetry.  Our gorgeous, brilliant, wonderful, fantastic, dedicated (do I go on too much???), phenomenal, talented,etc… Saginaw poets got to play hosts to guest poets from all over Michigan.  Poets came  from Jackson, Flint and Detroit to compete in our Slam, Saginaw.  All I’m sayin’ is, we must be doing something right. 

Deonte Osayande blew the whole house down with his featured read.  If you don’t know Deonte yet, get to know him folks!!  We were honored to have him with us in Saginaw!!

Now, let’s put away the congratulations and look toward next week — NOVEMBER 15TH — the second show of the second season — We want to see you come out in droves, Saginaw!!!  Come out and show your love for these gorgeous, brilliant, wonderful, fantastic, dedicated, phenomenal, talented, etc… poets who take that stage and pour their poetry out for your hungry ears alone.   You know there is nothing more interesting happening within 50 miles of Woody’s that night from 7 to 9:30pm.  Come out, get your poetry fix and get on with your life. 

See you there!  For Poetry!! For Saginaw!!


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