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Happy Birthday to Us! Happy Birthday to Us! Happy Birthday Dear Saginaw Slaa-aam! Happy Birthday to Us!

Well, y’all, The end of the first year is upon us.  It’s Birthday time! Our very first year.  We cut some teeth.  Stayed up all night.  Refused to sleep.  Drooled a little.  And said our first words.  Now, it’s time to start walking.

This second season has been a crazy ride — and we’re only just over halfway through.  With shows in October, November, December and January — this February Birthday Party is our 5th show of the season. We still have March & April to go before the team is set.  Beginning in May, we will be bringing some poetry magic to y’all that you are not going to want to miss:  Workshops, Featured readers, Film screenings.  Saginaw Slam is going to Occupy Spring in Saginaw this year — plan ahead and stay tuned.

Since the blogs haven’t been coming to you in a regular fashion, let me recap:  We started the season off with a bang in October — Deyonte Osayande was our feature!! And we had some very special guests from Flint — including our winner, Kirei, who is one of the most talented young spoken word artists I have ever met.  Then… November was just plain weird. Your Slam Master chose to celebrate her birthday that evening in style (and by style, I mean Jameson) and we don’t know what the judges excuses were but let’s just say, there were no shortage of pink elephants in the room that night.  What happens at Woody’s stays at Woody’s, okay?? Then our post-Aztec-apocolypse December show and our feature Future from Flint (say that five times fast)– who was generous and gentle with us — and we loved him for it.  We survived the holidays and gathered as always in January with a chill in our cheeks and jello shots (compliments of Woody’s) in the air.  Our girl, JoJo brought the feature and put it neatly to bed while our girl, Beth (The) Detloff advanced for the first time to the second round and won second place!!!  Accompanied by our own Theresa “Poetry in Motion” Marshall & Charles “Floet” Townsel in the final round.  Floet won the night and locked down his spot on the Saginaw Slam Team this year.  And that’s just the first FOUR SHOWS!!!

If you’re really paying attention, you may have noticed that we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our YouTube channel.  Please stand by.  And, in the meantime, let these few videos I was able to upload from January whet your little appetite:

June 14 & 15, The Saginaw Slam Team will be representing our Community in Madison, Wisconsin at the Rustbelt Regional Slam Competition. After that, we’ll be making plans for National Poetry Slam in Boston, Massachusetts. Oh, yes, it’s going to be an exciting year.  And, we’re not even potty-trained yet!! (What??? I’m going back to that whole 1 year old metaphor… alright, never mind…)

But before all that, what I mostly want to say is Saginaw Slam Family… you continue to warm my heart with your showing up, your judging, your rowdiness, your weirdness, your sweetness, your willingness to share your soul, and your eagerness to be part of this growing, maturing community.  We are still only at the beginning.  Just 1 year old!!  We have so many more adventures in store.  Can’t wait to see you at the next one — Our First Saginaw Slam Birthday Party — February 21st at 7:30pm (remember if you’re signing up to sacrifice or Slam, you want to get there by 6:30pm!) — Our own Floet will be featuring!! We have a surprise special guest!! And, The Siren Will Rise!!  Did I mention Silly String?  Beads?  And all kinds of birthday goodies??? Bring your poetry to the stage, bring your willingness to help at the judge’s table, belly up to the bar, or just sit quietly and enjoy yourself.  We will put a smile on your face, perhaps some thoughts in your head, and sometimes even a pang in your heart.  Personally, I can’t imagine being anywhere else every third Thursday of the month.

Yours, For Poetry! For Saginaw! –SMJA (Slam Master JodiAnn)


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