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Donate to the Cause!! Send the First Ever Saginaw Slam Team to National Poetry Slam!!!

Click below to donate any amount to help us register for nationals!!! We need $500 ASAP so no amount is too small or too large. This initial $500 fundraiser is so that we can register for National Poetry Slam which takes place in Charlotte, NC August 7-11.  After that, we’ll be fundraising for the actual trip itself.Any donation will get you a gift if you manually enter your mailing address into the paypal message box at the time of your donation.You are well loved for contributing to this very important cause!!  For Poetry!! For Saginaw!!

Donations for our Initial Registration need to be gathered by Thursday  5/31 at 5pm.  So, time is of the essence — if you’re thinking about contributing, please don’t hesitate!!!


Video of May shows,information about Rustbelt Regionals & update on National Poetry Slam status coming very soon!!!!

Hey Saginaw & Saginaw Slam lovers!!  Just a quick note to let you know that Saginaw Slam is experiencing a flurry of activity as we prepare for Rustbelt Regional Slam Competition in Columbus, Ohio June 1-3!!!! Yeah!!!!  & as we prepare for our show at Woody’s on June 7th with featured readers from Detroit & our first ever SAGINAW SLAM TEAM!!! WHOOT!! WHOOT!! & catch up on all the paperwork and video uploading from the two May shows… & attempt to certify with Poetry Slam Incorporated and (hopefully hopefully) get a spot at the National Poetry Slam in August!!!  Stay tuned.  Lots of great stuff coming your way!!  The competitive Slam in Saginaw is over for this season  but the Poetry will continue hot and fresh for you all summer so don’t go away!!

April Woody’s Slam 4/19 — Late, Loud & a little Lewd ; )

The house was chock-full of POETS!!  & Carlina Duan rocked that mic during her featured read!!

Click on Brett Tafel’s pic above to go to the complete playlist for April 19th on youtube

First New Day Slam was a night full of newness!!

New Attendees!  From as far away as Port Huron and Westland!  They just googled poetry in Michigan and there we were!!  How ridiculously awesome is that??

All New Poets in the Second Round!!

Ami Mattison rocked the featured read so hard it was almost scary!

& New Winner, Kelly Mays!!

Check it out:

Click on the pic above to go to the entire Playlist for April 12th on youtube


The First “New Day Saginaw Slam” THIS THURSDAY!! Don’t Miss It!!

This Thursday, The Saginaw Slam will be at Dawn of a New Day Cafe at 210 S. Washington Ave. in Saginaw!!!  This is the first of two special slams to be hosted at Dawn of a New Day this season to help us fit the total requirement of six slams in before the end of May.  We have to host six slams total to qualify for Nationals.  So, help us out, Saginaw — let’s make it happen. 

In addition to seeing our local Slam Poets compete for the top spot of the evening, we also have a very sweet treat in store for you:  3 Detroit Poets join us as our featured readers this week:  Emily Brent, James Hart, & Ami Mattison.  People, you do not want to miss this performance!!

Join us on Thursday, People.  For Poetry!  For Saginaw!!  We’ll see you there!

3/15 was Another Ridiculously Amazing Night at The Saginaw Slam!!

Friends, Poets, People —

What we are doing is creating a revolution.  You — poets, audience members, bartenders, and unsuspecting citizens off the street who thought you’d come in for a beer and stayed for the poetry — are the best kind of revolutionaries — the kind with heart and a great sense of humor!!!  You are making us proud.  You showed up again — the second night of our Saginaw Poetry Series & Slam — over 50 of you!!!  You got to see 12 different poets Slam their hearts out!  You got to see Jason Kahler, Justin Brouckeart and Theresa Marshall all make it to that final round of the Slam!  You got to see Theresa take home the gold (or at least the basket full of random goodies)!  You came for Poetry.  You came for Saginaw.  We adore you for it.  Keep it up — our Slam is YOUR Slam and exists only for you and only because you show up.  Keep showing up!!

Please check out the videos of 3/15 by clicking on the photo below.  This link will take you to the entire playlist for the night on youtube.

Click on the picture to go to the entire playlist for the night on youtube

The quality of some of the videos are not the greatest.  Our videographer did his best with a tiny little point-and-click camera when the real camera ran out of juice.  Next month we will be better prepared!!

This month we have TWO Slams planned!  The first will take place at Dawn of a New Day Cafe on Thursday, April 12th at 7pm.  Dawn of a New Day Cafe is located at 210 S. Washington in Saginaw.  We are still finalizing plans with our featured reader for the night but what we can promise that they will be fabulous!!

The second Slam this month will take place again at Woody O’Brien’s on Thursday, April 19th at 7pm (as usual).  Our featured reader for April 19th is amazing:  young, award-winning poet, Carlina Duan from Ann Arbor will be joining us!!  You do not want to miss her!  Here’s a sample of Carlina’s work:

We are hosting two slams in April AND in May so that we can certify and register for National Slams (and because it’s just fun and awesome) but we still need an average of 30 people at EVERY Slam!  We know you are serious about putting Saginaw on the National Slam Map, Saginaw so keep showing up.  We need you.  Poetry Needs You!! Saginaw Needs You!!!

Also: Do not forget to attend Bay City’s Poetry/Art Walk on Thursday April 5th

and the Open Mic at Dawn of a New Day Cafe on Thursday, April 26th.  Poets, especially, should be attending this Open Mic because it’s a perfect place to test out new material or perfect a performance for the next Slam.  It’s also another great opportunity to learn your craft and to build your poetic community.

We know you are busy.  We know you have lives beyond poetry.  HOWEVER, we know you have begun to NEED Poetry in your life in a way that you can’t possibly explain & we strongly encourage you to dedicate this month to feasting on Poetry in a way you may never have before.  April is National Poetry Month & this year in the Tri-City area, Poetry is Occupying April.  Go with it. Give in to it.  Allow yourself the luxury of a Poetry binge this month — April only comes once a year.

Much Love,

your SlamMaster, JodiAnn
& Scorekeeper, the MI Chuck D.

THE SAGINAW SLAM!  for Poetry!  for Saginaw!

Featured Read at Saginaw Slam 3/15